January 18, 2018: “community,” definitions, typologies


January 25, 2018: modernity, locality, belonging, plus the current culture wars

Readings to be completed for this week, before class:
Delanty, intro. and chapters one-three.
LIlla, Mark. 2017. “The End of Identity Liberalism.” New York Times November 18.


February 1, 2018: citizenship, multiculturalism

Delanty, chapters four-six.
(skim) van Houdt, Friso, Semin Suvarierol, and Willem Schinkel. 2011. “Neoliberal Communitarian Citizenship: Current Trends Towards ‘Earned Citizenship’ in the United Kingdom, France and the Netherlands.” International Sociology 26(3):408-32.


February 8, 2018: postmodernism, cosmopolitanism, plus the current culture wars

discussion leader: Ricano
Delanty, chapters seven-nine and conclusion.
Tebbe, Jason. 2016. “Twenty-First Century Victorians.” Jacobin October 31.
take this quiz: Do You Live in a Bubble?


February 15, 2018: the function of the division of labor, plus the current culture wars

discussion leader: Smith
Durkheim, pp. xxv-xlii (Lukes’s introduction), book one chapter one, book one chapter two.
Wong, David. 2016. “How Half of America Lost…” October 12.


February 22, 2018: organic solidarity, plus the current culture wars

discussion leader: Coiner
Durkheim, book one chapter three, book one chapter five.
Guo, Jeff. 2016. “A New Theory for Why Trump Voters are so Angry – That Actually Makes Sense.” The Washington Post November 8.


March 1, 2018: causes of division of labor, anomie, plus cultural appropriation

discussion leader: Callahan
Durkheim, book two chapter two, book three chapter one.
Rogers, Richard A. 2006. “From Cultural Exchange to Transculturation: A Review and Reconceptualization of Cultural Appropriation.” Communication Theory 16:474-503.
Will, George F. 2017. “The Left’s Misguided Obsession with ‘Cultural Appropriation.'” Washington Post May 12.


March 8, 2018: talking in the digital age, plus cultural appropriation

Turkle, pp. 1-207.
Rampell, Catherine. 2017. “A Fraternity Was Told It Was Appropriating Culture. Administrators Won’t Say Which.” Washington Post April 20.
(just skim) Riley, Angela R. and Kristen A. Carpenter. 2016. “Owning Red: A Theory of Indian (Cultural) Appropriation.” Texas Law Review 94:859-931.


March 15, 2018: spring break, no class!


March 22, 2018: reclaiming conversation, plus cultural appropriation

discussion leader: Bacon
Turkle, pp. 207-362.
Hatala Matthes, Erich. 2016. “Cultural Appropriation without Cultural Essentialism?” Social Theory and Practice 42(2):343-66.
Malik, Kenan. 2017. “In Defense of Cultural Appropriation.” New York Times June 14.


March 29, 2018: nationalism, plus gentrification

discussion leader: Watkins
Anderson, preface, chapters one-four.
Betancur, John. 2011. “Gentrification and Community Fabric in Chicago.” Urban Studies 48(2):383-406.
(skim) Schlichtman, John Joe and Jason Patch. 2014. “Gentrifier? Who, Me? Interrogating the Gentrifier in the Mirror.” International Journal of Urban & Regional Research 38(4):1491-1508.


April 5, 2018: street art and gentrification

Romero, Rachel. 2018. “Bittersweet Ambivalence: Austin’s Street Artists Speak of Gentrification.” Journal of Cultural Geography 35(1):1-22.

guest speaker: Dr. Rachel Romero, Texas State Dept. of Sociology

papers due


April 12, 2018: nationalism, plus gentrification

Anderson, chapters five-seven.
Drew, Emily J. 2012. “‘Listening through White Ears’: Cross-Racial Dialogues as Strategy to Address the Racial Effects of Gentrification.” Journal of Urban Affairs 34(1):99-115.
(skim) Tissot, Sylvie. 2014. “Loving Diversity/Controlling Diversity: Exploring the Ambivalent Mobilization of Upper-Middle-Class Gentrifiers, South End, Boston.” International Journal of Urban & Regional Research 38(4):1181-94.


April 19, 2018: nationalism

Anderson, chapters eight-eleven.
Lind, Michael. 2017. “The Case for Cultural Nationalism.” National Review September 11:27-9.


April 26, 2018

student paper presentations


May 3, 2018

take home final exam due back by email no later than 9:00 p.m.